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一开始的是 young for you 后来变成了亡灵序曲 再后来变成了夜的钢琴曲第三奏 后面的记不清了··希望能给你帮助

《Strength of a Thousand Men》 地址:http://music.hao123.com/search?key=Strength+of+a+Thousand+Men&fr=hao123&ie=utf-8 第一个就是

the owl moans low--lonely drifter karen you should get over me--jessica wolff last christmas -- taylor swift

开始是here we are吧。。。音乐是Jason Chen - Reintroduction

You Should Get Over Me

ATTACK I won't suffer, be broken Get tired, or wasted Surrender to nothing I gave up what I Started And stopped it From end to beginning A new day ising And I am finally free Runaway, Runaway I'll attack Runaway, Runaway Go cha...

《we are electric》 原谅今晚坑爹的百度上传给我死杆上了。。。 请自行音乐搜索吧

Reintroduction(feat. J Reyez) - Jason Chen 请叫我红领巾

是aloha from hell乐队唱的countdown to nmdtw吗?

Audio Machine > 专辑 > the platinum series iii >歌名 Breath and Life http://www.kuwo.cn/yinyue/2637788/ Tatiana Owens - Pendulum http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/R08k5RCAuA8/ 前一首 和 后一首

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